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Improving all we touch.

d.e. Foxx & Associates, Inc.

Our brands.

Whether it's performing background checks, providing construction management, facility management solutions or supplying manufacturing services, each d.e. Foxx brand delivers innovative solutions, exceptional execution and unarguable value. All adding up to one singular advantage for clients.

Our culture.

d.e. Foxx is a diverse group of people, dedicated to and passionate about their work. But it is only through collaboration - across hierarchies, across disciplines and despite differences - that individuals and the company succeed.

Our outreach.

We believe in giving back. In taking part. In building up. And through our actions, our philanthropy, our leadership, we strive to embody this commitment. We believe our community and our company are the better for it.

Our Family of Companies

d.e. Foxx & Associates d.e. Foxx & Associates d.e. Foxx & Associates d.e. Foxx & Associates